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We not only do understand your business demand but design, implement and make the product ready for your business accordingly. Odesk has been built understanding your business requirement as well. Odesk let freelancers and jobseekers meet with their dream projects. Same Way employers also get to meet right person for their project gets done.

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Front End Features :

  • Projects are categorized into skill categories for convenient browsing
  • Front page display for project skill categories, front page featured projects and latest projects
  • Skill category ordering can be configured by admin or be set to alphabetic
  • Support for featured/paid project listings
  • Contact us form for getting feedback from visitors
  • Tell a friend system
  • Email verification (Can be switched on/off from admin panel)
  • Password retrieval system
  • In built ad management system
  • Support for banner ads, text ads and affiliate ads.
  • Support for running google adwords

Special Features for Service seekers/Webmasters :

  • Post multiple projects
  • Notification for actions regarding projects
  • Rate and write review for service providers/freelancers
  • Add funds to account for paying freelancers/service providers
  • Maintain online account of all financial transactions
  • Close project bidding and select service provider to work on the project
  • Manage open, closed and under work projects

Special Features for Freelancers/Service providers :

  • Advanced Search based on keywords and skills
  • Flexible keyword matching for search
  • Latest/featured projects section
  • Maintain work profile along with logo etc.
  • Manage bids on projects
  • Place bid, retract bid, accept/reject projects upon selection
  • Rate webmasters/service seekers on project completion
  • View financial transactions
  • Maintenance of online account for financial transactions
  • Add funds to account
  • Option to withdraw funds by paypal, check or bank wire
  • Set project alerts to be sent in email
  • Discuss projects on project discussion board
  • Send private messages to webmasters/service providers
  • My Account
    My Profile
    Edit My Profile
    My Messgaes
    Upgrade Member Ship
    Payment plan
    My jobs
    Post New Jobs
    Extend Job
    Make featured
    Make urgent
    Add more info
    Jobs I bid
    Edit my bid
    Retract My bId
    Jobs I won
    Jobs I lost
    Jobs I Got dispute
    My Posted Reviews
    I received Reviews
    My Portfolio
    My Qualification
    My certificates
    Close My account
  • All picture/portfolio files will be water marked
  • Fusion Charts will be integrated
  • Browse Jobs
    Latest Jobs
    Features Jobs
    Jobs By Category
    Search Jobs
    Bowers By Buyers
  • Top Members
    Top Freelancers
    Top Buyers
  • Payment
    Deposit Funds
    Deposit milestone
    Incoming Milestone
    Request to release
    Outgoing Milestone
    With Draw Money
    Widrawal Method
    Pending Withdrawl
    Transfer Money
    Transaction History
    Download Statements
  • Inbox
    Compose Message
    Sent Message
  • Disputes
    New disputes
    Active Disputes
    Resolve Disputes
  • Invite Friends
    Social Media
    Import mails
  • Event calendar
  • Poll
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Support
  • Help desk
  • Chat
  • FAQ
  • RSS
  • Social Media Link
  • Sitemap
  • Google Map

Admin Panel Features :

  • Password Protected Admin
  • Extensive usage stats including Members Stats Vistors Sats
  • Number of Approved/unapproved projects
  • Projects posted today/yesterday/last 7 days etc.
  • Member Management
    Extensive member management console
    View/Edit/Delete Members
    Search members
  • Project category management
    Extensive project management console
    Search/edit/remove/approve projects
  • Project management
    View all billing transactions
    Add/edit/remove transactions
  • Content management
  • Pending withdrawal/make featured requests notification on admin home page
  • Skill management console to add/edit/remove skills sets
  • Shift projects from one skillset to another
  • Highly configurable site parameters
  • Configure Website name/keywords/logo/address, currency etc.
  • Create / Edit / Save as many icon sets as you like
  • Switch ON-OFF email verification process
  • Configure all outgoing emails
  • Configure fees for webmasters and programmers
  • Extensive bids management console
  • Search/edit/delete/approve bids
  • Email members individually or collectively
  • Visitor feedback section
  • Sponsored ad management
  • Support for banner ads, text ads and affiliate ads
  • Admin can Add/Edit/Delete/Approve/Disapprove any ad
  • Support for running google adwords
  • Faq Management
  • Blogs
  • Sitemap Setting
  • Socila Links manage

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