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Product Overview

Due to digital media, many search for the jobs online which they think the best platform where jobs are available. The basic advantages are due to more customized and search based jobs, categorically job search options and the most eminent way to share your CV to the million of employer’s door. Same way Search a candidate is not more hassle now a day while employer could get the matching ability what they are looking for their projects from CVs. The CV filtrating tools bring the candidate to HR in no time.

Scriptgiants Elance marketplace script is a popular one to our customers. This actually happened because of we give prior importance to our client’s business demands. Elance marketplace comes with the features that true employers and job seekers are looking for.

The features that could be availed to a job provider are:

  • Signup for a fresh profile.
  • Sign in / Sign out.
  • Create a creative employer’s profile.
  • Post jobs with requirement and criteria.
  • Add/edit/ delete technical-business skills.
  • Ability to browse candidates profiles though multiple search option.
  • Browse latest and enlisted candidate’s profile
  • Select a project and ask for efficiency strength to get the deal.

  • Project management.
  • Fund management.
  • CMS.
  • Member management.
  • Security.
  • Multi user login.
  • Mail template.
  • Message, e-mail.

  • Manage All Cms Pages.
  • Add Cms Pages.
  • Edit Cms Pages.

  • open/ edit/delete a project.
  • assign new project.
  • Project date/skill/priority manipulation.
  • Enlist a new project for admin, self.

The features that could be availed by a programmer are:

  • Ability to view the enlisted projects.
  • Ability to browse a particular project though multiple search options.
  • Browse latest and enlisted jobs posted with searchable category
  • Select a project and ask for efficiency strength to get the deal.
  • Comment on job provider’s task.
  • Like/dislike button for job.
  • Shoot e-mail to job provider for further discuss or any enquiry.

  • Well designed graphical representation.
  • Smart interface with supportive color.
  • Probations for customizing menu and operational options.
  • Creating new functionality.
  • Easy going navigation.

  • Admin or employer can monitor and edit profiles or details of every user including their contracts and application letters, application sent, work diary etc.
  • Admin will pose full control to suspend or remove users.
  • An employer can review the job posted and can take the decision of approving it for posting or not.
  • Status notification by messaging to each user.
  • View community forums and can delete threads or post of users.
  • Admin can view personal message of users within the site.
  • Manage details like project cost, duration, job category, terms of service etc.
  • Can manage admin emails used within the site like support.
  • Probation to send newsletters to all existing users through their personal email.
  • The administration can also view the contractors by category too.
  • Since the chat option is there, one Employer can check the chat history made.

  • Like/unlike the job.
  • Feedback to job providers.
  • Comment of the job descriptions.
  • Search by tag.
  • llustrative documentation.
  • Follow the job.
  • Getting upcoming new update from the clients and their posting (customized subscriptions).
  • Instant help menu.